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Remy Ong

Internationally, Remy Ong is recognized as the renowned and lauded Singaporean bowler, former World Champion, National Player and Captain of the National Team, as well as National Player, Coach, and Head Coach for the Singapore Bowling Federation. Making his mark in bowling from the age of 16, Remy Ong is recognized not just in Singapore, but also all of Asia and on an international level. He is an excellent sportsman with countless awards and achievements to his name.

However, Remy is more than just a talented and valuable sportsman – his sport, his passion, and his experience have all paved him to become a remarkable and skilled member and entrepreneur. Co-founder of sponzeR, a digital sponsorship agency, Remy contributes his valuable input to the company and its processes. Being sponsored himself by names like Canon, Taylormade Golf Adidas, Columbia300, Oakley Eyewear, Storm Products, Inc etc. Remy has a strong understanding about sponsorship and helps in making sponzeR a unique and intelligent digital sponsorship service.

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